Populations of Juvenile Shrimp in the Upper Laguna Madre - Study of Texas Shrimp Populations


Similar trawls made twice each month over the past two years show shrimp catches to be slightly lower in the 1961-1962 season than they were the preceding seasons. Most shrimp caught in the upper Laguna Madre were brown shrimp, 60 to 100 mm. in length. They were most abundant in late spring. Pink shrimp appeared more tolerant to cold water and were found in the area in early winter and spring. Schools of white shrimp usually enter the lagoon in the fall but did not do so in 1962.


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shrimp population, Penaeus duorarum, pink shrimp, Upper Laguna Madre, Texas, Penaeus setiferus, Penaeus aztecus, white shrimp, brown shrimp