Challenges in Extending Water and Sewer Service to a Mature Neighborhood




Keller, Jim, P.E., Ivan Langford, and Martin R. Entringer, MS, RS

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Galveston Bay Estuary Program


In the mid-1990's the TNRCC Galveston Bay Estuary Program and the Galveston County Health District studied the water quality in Dickinson Bayou and found high coliform counts from individual home sewage disposal systems. The Pine Oak Area was one of the six areas where this contamination was originating, and contained the largest number of homes on septic systems. In 2002, the Galveston Bay Program of the TNRCC funded a City of Dickinson sponsored study to determine the most effective way to provide municipal sanitary sewer service to the Pine Oak Area.... Residents were presented with the procedure to petition to form a Water Control and Improvement District and currently several residents are proceeding with petitions for the District formation.


pg. 207


water quality, habitat, ecology, watershed management, sewer service, dickinson bayou, coliform, pine oak