Fishery profiles of red drum and spotted seatrout.




Perret, W.S.
Weaver, J.E.
Williams, R.O.
Johansen, P.L.
McIlwain, T.D.
Raulerson, R.C.
Tatum, W.M.

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Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission


In recognition of the substantial interest in red drum and spotted seatrout and the many associated user problems common to each of the Gulf States, the Gulf State Federal Fisheries Managment Board voted to undertake the development of this publication. Included in the publication is an historical and present-day description of the resource and fishery of red drum and spotted seatrout, which support valuable commercial and recreational fisheries along the northern Gulf Coast. Also included is a breakdown of the present management systems for each of the Gulf States, consisting of descriptions of administrative organization, legislative authorization, licenses and taxes, reciprocal agreements among states, violation penalties, scientific permits, limited entry provisions, and data reporting requirements.


60 p.


red drum, Sciaenops ocellata, spotted seatrout, Cynoscion nebulosus, fishery management, fishery regulations, life history