Decision support software for safely conducting research with genetically modified fish and shellfish




Hallerman, E.
King, D.
and Kapuscinski, A.

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Elsevier Science Publishing Company


Science-based assessment and management of any specific risks is needed for sustainable use of genetically modified aquatic organisms (aquatic GMOs). The Performance Standards for Safety Conducting Research with Genetically Modified Fish and Shellfish were developed to guide risk assessment and risk management for proposed experiments with aquatic GMO's. A researcher answers a series of questions about the organism and the accessible aquatic ecosystem, leading to either identification of specific risks or to the conclusion that there is a specific reason for safety of the experiment. Should any specific risk be identified, the researcher is led to consider risk management measures, involving culture methods, facilities design, and operations management. Documented completion of the Performance Standards can facilitate approval of an experiment by oversight authorities. The Performance Standards were adopted by the US Department of Agriculture in 1996.


9 p.


management, microcomputers