Houston Ship Channel Aeration Project. Technical Memorandum #9. Summary of work performed through May 15, 1987.




Espey, Huston & Associates, Incorporated
Pate Engineers, Incorporated

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Espey, Huston & Associates, Incorporated and Pate Engineers, Incorporated


This progress report describes the Phase II instream aeration project activities performed during the period February 15, 1987 through May 15, 1987. It addresses the evaluation of alternative land-based sites for the proposed instream jet aeration system and provides an update of expected annual system operating requirements. Alternative sites have been evaluated based on location along the Houston Ship Channel and their usability for the proposed land-based aeration facilities. Tract size, access, availability of required utilities, channel geometry, flood impact, and potential interference with ship traffic have been taken into consideration, and thirteen potential sites have been selected. In addition, oxygen transfer capacities for each site have been defined to meet the required dissolved oxygen profile for the channel. The initial estimate of aeration system annual operating requirements was made at a time when dissolved oxygen conditions in the channel were considerably worse than they are today. This estimate has been updated with channel data for 1984 through 1986 which indicates that overall system operation will be required approximately 60 days per year rather than the 122 days per year previously estimated.


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aeration, report literature, oxygenation, water quality