Preliminary report on shellfish producing waters in the Galveston area.




Texas State Department of Health, Bureau of Sanitary Engineering

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Texas State Department of Health, Shellfish Sanitation Branch, and Galveston County Pollution Survey


It is a well known fact that oyster production in the Galveston Area has all but disappeared. For more than a score of years shellfish reefs have shown a marked decline in both quantity and quality. No oyster beds have been approved in this area for many years. The days of abundance of oysters in this area are almost a memory to the residents and fishermen who not too long ago were harvesting and shipping shellfish by the barrel all over the country. In view of this situation and in light of demands made by both civic and public health agencies, the State Health Department, which routinely supervises shellfish areas and which is now engaged in a pollution survey of the waters of Galveston County, has started a shellfish sanitation survey.


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report literature, shellfish, oyster culture, surveys, water quality, oysters, sampling