A report on the effect of an outfall relocation on previous mathematical modeling analyses on Trinity Bay.




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The principal objective of this investigation was to determine the numerical effect of a relocation of the HL&P Cedar Bayou cooling water outfall on previous mathematical modeling work done for HL&P and the Galveston Bay Project (GBP). A relocation in the mathematical models was necessary due originally to the receipt of erroneous data. A second objective was to estimate the effect of a third electrical generating unit at Cedar Bayou with a 2250 cfs cooling water diversion rate. The estimated effects were made in terms of salinity, a non-conservative waste material, and temperature for the Trinity Bay area. Mathematical models for both hydraulics and the aforementioned water quality parameters were used to make assessments of (a) the changes created by the outfall relocation problem and (b) the expected water quality effects of the 2250 cfs diversion on Trinity Bay under the same guidelines as the previous study.


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mathematical models, mathematical analysis, models, modeling, salinity, outfalls, cooling water