The role of the atmospheric sciences in the Texas Coastal Zone.




Jehn, K.H.

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The atmosphere seems to be a poorly understood and generally neglected part of the Texas Coastal Zone. Many writers refer to climate in a listing of coastal zone resources, but fall somewhat short of seeing the atmosphere in its interactive sense with other physical systems as well as with the man-made systems of the coastal zone. This report attempts to outline the role of the atmospheric sciences in the Texas Coastal Zone in particular, although many of the points which are made have wider applicability. Meteorology and climatology are seen in conjunction with geology, oceanography, hydrology, and engineering, as being involved in shaping the configuration of the coastal zone, accounting for the climate as part of the total environment, providing the air resources, and having their impact on the management problems of the Texas coastal zone. The report outlines about twenty research problem areas, with literature citations and research recommendations, all designed to improve understanding of coastal processed in which the atmosphere is involved.


70 p.


coastal zone, atmospheric sciences, meteorology, climatology, geology, hydrology, earth atmosphere