Lean and Green Supply Chain: A Practical Guide for Materials Managers and Supply Chain Managers to Reduce Costs and Improve Environmental Performance


The purpose of this guidebook is to demonstrate the opportunities for improving both financial and environmental performance and to briefly review specific tools and methods. To achieve this goal, the guidebook is organized into eight sections: - The Introduction presents some of the most significant opportunities for simultaneously improving environmental and financial performance.; - In Environmental Costs & Benefits, problems of traditional accounting systems are described and environmental costs and benefits are delineated.; - The Decision-Making Framework defins the four-step process to improve environmental accounting efforts.; - The Materials Management Success Story illustrates some of the benefits achieved and specific actions taken by one leading company.; - The Conclusion summarizes the four-step approach to improving financial and environmental performance.; - The Glossary, Bibliography, and References explain important terms and provide additional sources of information.


58 pages; available for download at the link below.


waste reduction, environmental protection