Armand Bayou Park and Nature Center




Houston Audubon Society and Preservation of Armand Bayou Committee

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Houston Audubon Society and Preservation of Armand Bayou Committee


The purpose of the plan offered in this document is to assure the continued existence, within a burgeoning metropolitan complex, of an open area which can broaden and limitlessly enrich the lives of all people who find their way inside its confines - a nature preserve and a recreational park, in which both wildlife and human visitors can thrive. Traditionally this country has been one of explorers - of land, governmental forms, ideas, art, natural history, science, and, now, outer space. But what have we 20th Century Americans left for our children to discover? Few untouched natural areas remain. Armand Bayou, if left untrammeled, can be a place where the public will be able to explore, relax, and learn to comprehend some of nature's inimitable complexities. The people of the Houston-Galveston metropolitan are have demonstrated clearly that they cherish the acreage surrounding Armand Bayou. We of the Houston Audubon Society are convinced that orderly development of the park and nature center along the lines suggested herein will not only satisfy many present needs but will add dimensions of knowlesge and out-of-doors experience throughout the coming years.


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recreation, conservation, land use, water use, resource use