Collaborative Land Use Planning: A Growing Trend in Coastal Zone Management



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University of California Environmental Planning


The concept of this report emerged in 1975 during discussions with staff of the California Coastal Zone Conservation Commission on possible organizational arrangements and authorities to implement the tehn forthcoming California Coastal Plan. One suggestion was to involve local government as an equal partner in the process of coastal planning and management. More specifically, local government would develop coastal plans based on state Coastal Commission guidelines and policies; these local plans would be subject to review and approval (or disapproval) by the Coastal Commission. If an adequate plan was not developed by the local government in a timely fashion, the state would impose sanctions. Once the local plan was approved, it would be implemented by local government subject to appeal to the Coastal Commission on proposals deemed inconsistent with the plan. For reference, this state and local government arrangement has been termed the "Collaborative Planning Process" or "CPP".


Approximately 250 pages


coastal zone management, urban planning, land use