Some analysis of twentieth century landing statistics of marine shrimp of the South Atlantic and Gulf states of the United States.




Gunter, G.
McGraw, K.

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There is a strong correlation between the total catch of white and brown shrimp with dockside prices on the United States Gulf Coast since 1902, but there is no significant correlation between South Atlantic production and prices, probably because the South Atlantic shrimp stocks have been over-fished since the 1920's. There is no negative or positive correlation between the catch statistics of brown and white shrimp of the United States, and these species seem to be weakly competitive, if at all. There is a significant correlation between the annual production of South Atlantic and Gulf white shrimp, but there is none between South Atlantic and Gulf brown shrimp, possibly because the brown shrimp live generally in deeper water and are not so much influenced by short term variations in climatic conditions as the white shrimp are in shallow water. In furtherance of this idea, there is some indication that the brown shrimp production is less variable than the white shrimp production.


p. 191-204.


shrimp, shrimp fisheries, marine shrimp, brown shrimp, white shrimp, statistics, landings, landing statistics