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Watkins, William A., James E. Bird, Karen E. Moore and Peter Tyack

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Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


Enclosed is the description of the Reference Database, published as WHOI Technical Report No. 88-2.... In the report, we tried to go through concepts and organization of the database to provide an understanding of the system. Details of operation of the INMAGIC program itself have been left to the instruction manual which accompanies the software. The report includes information on getting started using the INMAGIC program with the literature database, on organization of the database, and on print formats useful with the reference data. The species list and subject lists are those that we now use for work on the database. Note that this is a very comprehensive database management system that permits sorting, searching, and retrieving of the data in almost any conceivable manner. The literature reference data is entered and indexed in ways that we think will be most useful. The codes carefully provide direct association with species for nearly all indexed information, including subjects, location, observation date, and even notes....


82 pgs.


marine mammal commission, national marine fisheries service, marine mammals, databases