Area-wide environmental assessment: exploration and production activities, four-mile zone of the East and West Flower Garden Banks: final

Minerals Management Service, Gulf of Mexico Outer Continental Shelf Regional Office
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U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Minerals Management Service, Gulf of Mexico OCS Region

This Area-Wide Environmental Assessment is written for exploration, development, and production activity occurring within the four mile zone of the East and West Flower Garden Banks. The boundaries for the AUA are showed in Figure A. The relationship of the AEA area to the coast is shown in Figure B. This AEA will serve as a base document for oil and gas activity proposed within the environmental assessment area. A Site-Specific Environmental Assessment will be prepared for each plan submitted for activities within the AEA area. The SEAs will contain site-specific and updated information not presented in the AEA. Sections of the AEA which will be covered or supplemented in an SEA are indicated throughout the text. In compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act, this AEA/SEA concept implements the tiering process outlined in 40 CFR 1502.20 which encourages agencies to tier environmental documents to eliminate repetitive discussions of the same issue. The SEA will conform to the guidelines for preparing environmental assessments in compliance with the requirements of 30 CFR 250.34 and NEPA using information presented in the case document. The determination of whether a Finding of No Significant Impact is applicable will be made in each SEA prepared for plans submitted for blocks within the area.

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