Energy and Resource Recovery from Municipal Solid Waste




Holm, Francis W. and Gary M. Halter

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Texas A&M University


This book on energy and resource recovery from municipal solid waste is the culmination of several years of work in the area. We originally became interested in, and gained some expertise in, the area of resource recovery while participating in the Summer Faculty Fellowship Program in Engineering Systems Design at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Johnson Space Center. This experience was followed by our participation in the Texas A&M University/City of Garland, Texas, and Urban Observatory Program. This experience of working with the City of Garland allowed us to apply the knowledge we had gained at NASA to a practical real world program. From this experience we developed a decision guide aimed at giving some direction to city officials in the problems of changing from landfill-based to resource recovery-based disposal systems. Following the publication of our Garland study both we and the City of Garland received many requests from city officials for help in determining if a resource recovery system could be applied to their cities. Neither we nor the city of Garland had the resources to provide adequate aid to such requests. It was our feeling that, with proper guidance, city officials could determine the applicability of resource recovery with limited aid from outside experts. This publication is designed to give city officials that guidance. It is our hope that it will provide government officials with the necessary skills to determine when and if they should change from a landfill-based resource recovery system to an energy and resource recovery system.


84 pgs.


recycling, waste, refuse as fuel, energy recovery, resource recovery, municipal solid waste