Water pollution control handbook: a citizens guide to the Federal Water Pollution Control Act amendments of 1972.




Reid, B.
Speth, G.

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Natural Resources Defense Council, Project on Clean Water.


The Project on Clean Water of the Natural Resources Defense Council was established to monitor the implementation of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments of 1972, Public Law 92-500 and to watchdog the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency which is charged with the bulk of the federal responsibility. In addition, the Project intends to offer advice and assistance to citizens around the country who desire to monitor the performance of their state water pollution control boards and agencies which are also given vast powers under the Act. The Project therefore will publish timely material as the need arises to alert and educate the public concerning the opportunities for action to further the effort to clean up our waterways.


25 pages


water pollution, water quality control, legislation