National Water Assessment State Regional Future Texas Gulf Region 224.T35 N72 1975 GBAY
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dc.description.abstractThis report is the second in a series of four reports which will set forth information relating to the U.S. Water Resources Council's specific problem analysis portion of the 1975 National Water Assessment for the Texas Gulf Region. The purpose of the specific problem analysis is to identify, describe and compare from a State and regional viewpoint the severity of specific water related problem issues and areas. This report pertains to the specification of the State Regional Future information for the Texas, New Mexico, and Louisiana parts of the Texas Gulf assessment region while the first report pertained to the identification of severe water and related problems in the same area. The third report will contain information describing the effects of not solving severe water and related problems while the fourth and final report will specify detailed conclusions and recommendations regarding the resolution of severe water and related problems. In accordance with the U.S. Water Resources Council's guidelines for developing the State Regional Future, the following information has been included as the State Regional Future for the Texas Gulf assessment region. 1. State Regional Desires and Objectives - Statement of broad social, economic and environmental goals to which the citizens of the region aspire. 2. Environmental Resources and Non-Volumetric Requirements - A map and narrative display of important features of the Regional environment. 3. List of Water and Related Problems - A list of problems for which implications, conclusions, and recommendations will be evaluated in detail in forthcoming assessment activities as well as a completed summary problem characterization matrix for each problem and a map indicating the location of problem areas. 4. Socioeconomic Characteristics - A tabular summary of present and future socioeconomic characteristics of each ASA including population, employment, earnings, and land use.en
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dc.titleNational Water Assessment State Regional Future Texas Gulf Regionen
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