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This volume, Oceanography: The past, is the proceedings of the third international congress on the history of oceanography, organized under the auspices of the woods hole oceanographic institution at woods hole, Massachusetts, USA, September 22-26, 1980. Because of the diversity if subject matter, it was not always possible to group the individual papers in convenient categories and their arrangement in this book follows the sequence in which they will be given at the congress. It should also be noted that many more excellent papers were submitted then could be incorporated in the open afternoon sessions. The selection was made by a committee of seven, with each member rendering this or her individual judgment and the whole giving rise to a composite from which the contents of the congress was resolved. It is regretted that limitations in the time available for paper presentations made such selection necessary. The morning symposia were organized in consultation with their respective chairmen.


812 pgs.


oceanography, congresses, meetings, conferences, history