Energy Consumption Conservation and Projected Needs for Texas Agriculture



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State of Texas Governor's Energy Advisory Council


Energy inputs for Texas Agriculture were found to be 41.66 x 10^13 BTU's in 1973. This is about 7 percent of total gross energy used in the state for 1972. Energy for irrigation was found to be the largest single input and represented about 39 percent of the total energy used in agriculture. Field operations for crop production required approximately 12 percent of the total energy input. Conservation practices were identified which show potential for reducing energy inputs to agriculture by about 7.84 x 10^13 BTU's. These practices are considered to have little or no effect on output and are within present technologic capabilities. Large capital costs would be required to accomplish some of these practices. Projections of energy needs in 1985 and 2000 were also made for the various inputs.


70 pages


energy input, energy consumption, agriculture, energy usage, energy conservation