User's manual for the salinity model of the Galveston Bay system.




Chen, R.M.
Hembree, L.A., Jr.

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Tracor, Incorporated


This user's manual is intended to provide both the water quality modeling specialist and the nonspecialist alike with sufficient information to operate the salinity model for the Galveston Bay estuarine system. The mathematical model computes steady-state salinity or chlorinity concentration distributions over a two-dimensional grid framework of Galveston Bay and the upper Houston Ship Channel. The salinity model accounts for freshwater inflows, tides and other environmental influences. This model is useful in making engineering assessments of alternative water quality management programs. The manual provides the user with explanations of (a) the mathematical basis of the computations, (b) input/parameter selection recommendations and requirements, (c) an example problem solved with input and output, (d) the basic flow of the computer programming or computations (through generalized flow diagrams), (e) major variable names and definitions, (f) necessary changes required when the user wishes to apply the salinity model to other estuaries, and (g) the relationship of other Galveston Bay models to the salinity model, thereby avoiding delays and confusion, since many details must be satisfied before a successful run can be made. Computer program listings of all programs are also included in this manual with appropriate comments pertinent to operation the Galveston Bay salinity model on computers other than UNIVAC 1106 (Exec 8) or UNIVAC 1108 (Exec 2).


72 pages


modeling, mathematical models, models, salinity