10th to 61st Street Emergency Placement Beach Nourishment

Galveston Island Park Board of Trustees
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This emergency PGS proposes to mitigate potential erosion of the seawall footings, and protect the integrity of the Galveston seawall thereby protecting upland life and property. Recent news reports have documented a portion of the Galveston seawall sidewalk collapsing, and the emergency repair response by Galveston County. Galveston Island is a sand starved historically eroding system with a seawall that was constructed following the Storm of 1900. The original seawall sections were constructed atop untreated pilings and historic erosional problems are threatening to potentially expose the pilings to saltwater intrusion and parasite attack. A nourished beach is required to maintain a level of protection for these untreated pilings, and the overall integrity of the seawall itself. This necessity has resulted in the development of the groin field and sand beach between 10th street to 61st street. This emergency PGS is requesting the re-establishment of a wide sand beach along this beach frontage.

beach nourishment, erosion