Stability of seawall, Texas City, Texas. Hydraulic model investigation.




Jackson, R.A.

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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Waterways Experiment Station.


Four series of tests were conducted on 1:35-scale models of seawalls. In the first series, a vertical wall standing at the center line of the structures was used as an impermeable core. Quarrystone was used on the bayside and riprap on the landside of the vertical wall. In the second design, quarrystone on the bayside was used to protect an earthen core. In the third series, the natural ground on the bayside of the vertical wall was protected by a quarrystone cover layer. The fourth series was concerned with vertical-faced seawalls without quarrystone on either the bayside or landside. Tests were conducted to determine stable designs for various reaches of the sealine, the distribution of pressure intensities along the face of the vertical walls, and the amount of water over topping the seawalls. Stable designs were developed for all reaches of the seawall. It was found that waves which would break on the seawalls in the area sheltered by Snake Island were not likely to occur. Pressure intensity data for both breaking and nonbreaking waves were developed. Overtopping data obtained from the model are believed sufficiently accurate for estimating the amount of overtopping that would obtain in the prototype during the design hurricane.


67 p.


pressure, water, water waves