Waterborne Seismic Reflection Survey of the Inner Bar Channel and Anchorage Basin, Galveston, Texas




Sjostrom KJ
McGee RG

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A waterborne seismic reflection investigation of the Inner Bar Channel and Anchorage Basin near Galveston, TX, is reported. The geophysical study was performed to characterize and quantify bottom and subbottom sediments in support of proposed maintenance dredging of the project areas. Two high resolution subbottom profiling systems were used to meet the primary project objectives. The survey results provide estimates of the sediment density, material type, and volume of material to be removed through dredging. In addition, the information supplements previously obtained soil borings by providing continuous profile line coverage of the subbottom sediments in each project area. Galveston Bay, Seismic reflection, Geophysical methods, Waterborne geophysics




47C Ocean Sciences & Technology: Physical & Chemical Oceanography, 50B Civil Engineering: Civil Engineering, Bays, Bottom, Channels, Color, Density, Dredging, Estimates, Galveston, Galveston bay, Geophysics, High resolution, Maintenance, Ocean basins, Profiles, Rods, Sand, Sediments, Seismic data, Seismic reflection, Silt, Site investigations, Soil classification, Soils, Surveys, Texas, United States, Volumetric analysis, Waterways