An Investigation of Tertiary Estuary Productivity and Nutrient Optimization in Texas Coastal Waters: Report to Texas Water Development Board, IAC-(72-73)-909




Davis, EM
Smith, GF
Bishop, J

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Univesity of Texas at Houston, School of Public Health, Institute of Environmental Health


The data presented in this report are the products of field and laboratory research which was conducted over a period of time extending from September, 1972 through August, 1973. Three tasks were identified at the onset of the investigation. The levels of inflow nutrient materials required for optimal productivity in each bay system were to be quantified. Primary production was to be determined. The thrid task was associated with the most critical area of research requirement in the Texas coastal zone. Specifically, this task requirement wsa to establish baseline data in the tertiary estuarine areas of the Lavaca Delta region for quantification of their productivity as related to fresh water inflow. The following sections of this report contain the data which were developed as a result of the three aforecited tasks. Additional data are also included for record and are the result of subtask efforts which were identfied during the course of the investigation.


355 pages


ecology, pollution, water quality