Trans-boundary geothermal resources of Texas and Mexico.




Henry, C.D.
Morton, R.A.

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Potential geothermal resources in the Texas-Mexico border region include the following: convective geothermal systems in Trans-Pecos, Texas, Chihuahua, and Coahuila; and geopressured geothermal systems in South Texas, Tamualipas, and Nuevo Leon. The convective geothermal systems are characterized by hot springs and shallow hot wells located along normal faults. The maximum temperature measured is 90C, while the maximum temperature estimated from chemical geothermometers is 160C. For the most part, temperatures are lower, and none of the water is hot enough to generate electricity. Most are too far from the population centers to be used for heating or industrial purposes with the exception of the Hueco Tanks near El Paso and Juarez. Data on flow rate, depth, measured/calculated temperature, total dissolved solids, and chemical type are presented for hot springs and wells in the Rio Grande Area. Geopressured geothermal well test data are also presented. One well in Brazoria County, Texas, tested at rates up to 3500 cu m/day with only a minor pressure decline.


p. 973-989


resource development, geothermal energy, natural resources, water temperature