Trans-Texas Water Program: southeast area: draft report: Phase II report




Taylor, Jeff, Ann R. Wood, Tom Gooch, Barbara Nickerson, and Amy L. Kaarlela

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Brown & Root, Inc.; Freese & Nichols


This report summarizes all planning and technical memoranda prepared in the Trans-Texas Water Program (TTWP) Southeast Study Area. The results of all TTWP studies are documented and their importance to the regional water management planning mandated through SB1. The efforts of this Phase II report were directed by the initial Phase I recommendations. Modifications were made by the changing needs of the water management planning in the state. Information from each of the water management alternatives and their potential contribution to the Southeast Area's future water supply are compiled in this Phase II Report. This report also identifies issues which are of regional importance and topics that require additional research under SB1 regional planning.


82 pgs.


water supply, water conservation, water resources development