Shallow water marine isopods of Texas




Clark, Scott T.; Robertson, Philip B.

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The occurrence and distribution of isopod crustaceans in marine and estuarine waters of Texas was investigated by examination of specimens obtained from a variety of habitats from the intertidal to 98 m depth offshore. Thirty free-living and ectoparasite species are recorded. An illustrated key is provided to facilitate identification. Four (possibly five) are apparently undescribed species and 15 represent range extensions to Texas. Three of the described species are known only from Texas. Few species were numerically abundant, and rarely were more than three species found in a single collection at any given habitat. The Texas isopod fauna shows its greatest affinity to the North Atlantic coast south of Cape Hatteras. A small group of more or less strictly tropical species inhabits deeper offshore banks and reefs off the Texas coast.


pages 45-59


isopods; marine crustaceans; ecological distribution; identification keys; shallow water