Final supplement to the final environmental statement: proposed five-year OCS oil and gas lease sale schedule, January 1982 - December 1986. Volume 1 and 2.




U.S. Bureau of Land Management

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U.S. Bureau of Land Management


This supplement considers a July 1981 proposed five-year schedule extending from January 1982 to December 1986 and consisting of 42 oil and gas leasing sales in 14 of the 23 planning areas of the Outer Continental Shelf. This document supplements FEIS 80-3 which examined the current schedule and nine other alternatives. In this document, four alternatives are considered: 1) the proposed schedule dated July 1981 is examined using two different leasing options, one offering all of the acreage within a planning area and the other offering only areas of hydrocarbon potential, 2) the April 1981 draft proposed schedule is re-examined, 3) the current schedule with two leasing options, one offering the current pace and system of leasing, the other using the current leasing system but offering larger amounts of acreage per sale, is examined, and 4) examines two modifications of the proposed schedule in Alaska. The first modification reduces the number of sales of offshore Alaska while making adjustments in the timing of other Alaska sales. This part of the alternative is further analyzed using the two leasing options mentioned earlier. The second modification proposes the deletion of all Arctic Ocean OCS sales, analyzing with the two leasing options.


v.1-562 pgs., v.2-pgs. 563-890


oil and gas industry, oil and gas production, leases, report literature, offshore oil well drilling, gas well drilling, environmental aspects, oil and gas leases, continental shelf