Ensuring Environmental Quality for Texans - Biennial Report to the 78th Legislature Volume I



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Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission


These activities and others occurring in fiscal year 2001 (from September 2000 through August 2001) are highlighted in the Biennial Report to the 78th Legislature, Volume I. In this book, Chapter 1 serves as a "Year in Review," featuring 10 activities or events that provide snapshots of TNRCC services and activities. Chapter 2 on "Environmental Management" analyzes the most pressing issues confronting the TNRCC and the agency's response to those problems. Chapter 3, a detailed description of the "Agency Operation Structure" will help the general public understand how TNRCC is organized and the specific functions assigned to the various divisions. Chapter 4 on "Agency Resources" summarizes the personnel and financial resources that support all the environmental programs previously discussed.


53 pages


environmental protection, natural resources management, natural resources protection