Wave measurements in Upper Galveston Bay, TX (USA)


1997 1997 Oct 6


Corson WD
Rhee JP
Welp TL
McKinney JP

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In support of erosion protection efforts for an aquatic confined dredged material placement area, analyses of pressure time series recorded in Upper Galveston Bay near the Houston Ship Channel provide data on: a. Wind-waves, b. Ship-wakes, c. Ship draw-down, d. Mean water-level. Time series are 2048 seconds long and sampled at 2 hertz. Approximately 34-minute records are taken every 40 minutes. The nearly continuous recording was selected to record waves from as many passing ships as possible, provide data on wind-waves and mean water-level, and allow for deployment of the internal recording gage for nearly 3 weeks




ASW,USA,Texas,Galveston Bay, Bays, Data Acquisition, Drawdown, Dredge spoil, Erosion Control, Gages, O 2010 Physical Oceanography, Pressure Distribution, Q2 02162 Methods and instruments, Sea level, ship-wakes, Ships, Surface water waves, SW 0890 Estuaries, SW 5040 Data acquisition, Time Series Analysis, USA,Texas,Upper Galveston Bay, Wakes, Water Level, Wave analysis, Wave measurement, Waves, Wind waves