Wind turbine power augmentation unit




Walters, Kevin
Blakeway, Chris
Dearman, David
Navarro, Bobby
Stryker, Thomas

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Ships at sea rely on electrical power created onboard by generators. These generators are typically driven by either diesel or stream power. Should the generator system fail completely, the vessel needs the ability to create emergency power independently of the onboard generator system. The Wind Turbine Power Augmentation Unit is a rapid-deploy system that provides minimum emergency power to a vessel in need. The unit is small enough to be stored efficiently, simple enough to be reliable, and is easily erected at pre-installed receiver locations on the ship. Multiple units can be deployed adjacent to power-need locations such as the engine room, below-deck spaces, and the bridge. The unit is designed to operate in a sea-going environment and deliver power reliably at the time when it is most needed by the crew.


Faculty advisor: Dr. Rudy Martinez


wind turbine, power augmentation, backup power