A demographic profile of participants in two Gulf of Mexico inshore shrimp fisheries and their response to the Texas closure




Nance, J.M.
Garfield, N.
Paredes, J.A.

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A social study of the shrimp fisheries of Galveston Bay, Texas and Calcasieu Lake, Louisiana was made during the summer of 1987 to examine the impacts of the seasonal closure of the Federal waters off Texas and to understand the infrastructure and demographic processes of these two diverse fisheries. The results suggest that the inshore fisheries (i.e. shrimpers and shrimp houses) are distinct from the offshore fisheries. The market distribution of shrimp from Galveston Bay was more diffuse than from Calcasieu Lake. Much more of the shrimp harvested from Galveston Bay was channelled into the surrounding community than from Calcasieu Lake. Galveston Bay shrimpers experienced more of a direct impact on their livelihood than Calcasieu Lake shrimpers from the Texas closure.


p. 10-18


shrimp fisheries, shrimp, estuaries, management, policies, Penaeus aztecus, brown shrimp