Municipal Guide for Shoreland Zoning


The following material is designed for use by Maine municipalities where minimal or virtually no activity has been undertaken to comply with the requirements of the Shoreland Zoning Law. It should be noted that both subdivision and zoning regulations are required under the Law. Due to the relatively simple process of developing and adopting subdivision ordinanaces, i.e. 1) no comprehensive plan is required prior to municipal adoption, 2) no land use inventory is necessary, and 3) readily modifiable model ordinances are available, the following information pertains to the shoreland zoning process only. The Guide includes a copy of the Shoreland Zoning Law, suggested steps to following meeting that law, sources of assistance of an informational and technical nature, and finally, an example of an approach being taken by one small Maine community.


18 pages with "A Summary of Interim Guidelines for Shoreline Zoning and Subdivision" pamphlet stapled to the cover; available for download at the link below.


shoreline protection, zoning, Shoreland Zoning Law, land use planning