The impact of federal programs on wetlands. Volume II: The Everglades, coastal Louisiana, Galveston Bay, Puerto Rico, California's central valley, western riparian areas, southeastern and western Alaska, the Delmarva Peninsula, North Carolina, northeastern




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This is the second of two reports to Congress on the impact of Federal programs on wetlands. Volume I was submitted to Congress in 1988, and examined how Federal programs have affected wetlands in the bottomland hardwoods of the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Plain and the prairie potholes of the Upper Midwest. Volume II focuses on 17 additional study areas, selected because they reflect the broad array of problems facing wetlands nationwide: in the South, Florida's Everglades, coastal Louisiana, the Galveston Bay of Texas, and the Puerto Rican mangroves and coastal wetlands, in the West, California's Central Valley, western riparian wetlands, and southeastern and western Alaska, in the East, the Delmarva Peninsula (comprising parts of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia), North Carolina's pocosins and other freshwater wetlands, and northeastern New Jersey, in the Midwest, Michigan's coastal and northern forested wetlands, and Nebraska's Rainwater Basin, Volume II is divided into five parts. The four chapters in Part I describe the Federal programs affecting wetlands: agriculture; water development and management; infrastructure, local development, and housing; and resource use, extraction, and development. Parts II through V are organized regionally and examine the 17 study areas




agriculture, Development, Environmental impact, exploitation, federal programs, fish, Galveston Bay, government finance, government policy, Land Use, P 9000 ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION, Q5 01522 Protective measures and control, research priorities, resource development, Resource management, resources management, SW 4070 Ecological impact of water development, Texas, USA, water, Water Management, Wetlands