Protecting Coastal Waters from Vessel and Marina Discharges: A Guide for State and Local Officials - Volume I. Establishing No Discharge Areas under S312 of the Clean Water Act


As recreational and commercial vessel traffic continues to increase in volume, harmful discharges resulting from the operation, maintenance, and protection of vessels is proportionately increasing in importance for water quality issues. Although individual discharges from vessels and marinas are relatively small scale, their combined effects can significantly degrade water quality and marine habitats. Fortunately, there are methods readily available to help control these discharges and protect the marine environment. "Protecting Coastal Waters from Vessel and Marina Discharges: A Guide for State and Local Officials" was developed as a reference tool for individuals interested in learning about the options available for addressing impacts linked to vessel and marina discharges. Examples of vessel and marina discharges likely to enter adjacent waters include: effluents from vessel repair and maintenance; storm water runoff from marina parking lots; effluents from vessel fuel docks at marinas; and vessel sewage. Most discharges from vessels and marinas have some harmful effect on the marine environment and are important to control. However, all of these discharges cannor be effectively addressed in one concise document, so this guidance document focuses on only one type of vessel/marina-generated discharge -- vessel sewage. Due to recent legislation and regulations to implement Federally-sponsored programs related to the discharge of vessel sewage, this particular type of discharge was selected as the focus of this guidance document. This document addresses other types of discharges (e.g., storm water runoff from marinas) by including general information on programs implemented to support protection of waters from these discharges.


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marine pollution, Boats and boating -- Waste disposal, Marinas -- Waste disposal, water pollution, environmental protection