A study of the diatom flora of fresh sediments of the south Texas bays and adjacent waters.




Wood, E.J.F.

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This paper includes a list of all species found plus photographs of representative examples. Samples were taken from Laguna Madre to Galveston Bay. No salinity data are given, but assuming an increase in overall yearly salinity from north to south, the following data on distribution are useful. Lower Laguna Madre is characterized by Cocconeis. Rhopalodia, a freshwater species, was also abundant. In upper Laguna Madre Amphora was dominant along with Rhopalodia again. Baffin Bay had a few diatoms but resembled upper Laguna Madre. Corpus Christi Bay, including Redfish and Aransas Bays, had a lot in common, with Rhopalodia and Amphora dominant. Mastogloia was abundant in Redfish and Aransas Bays. Most important in San Antonio and Espiritu Santo Bays were Coscinodiscus and Cyclotella. Matagorda Bay had Actinoptychus, Achnanthes, Diploneis, and Cyclotella. Galveston Bay had Diploneis, Coscinodiscus, and Cyclotella.


p. 237-310.


check lists, diatoms, algae, abundance, ecological distribution