Wading Depth & Depth of Closure Survey of Galveston Beaches



In partnership with the Park Board of Trustees and Village of Jamaica Beach, the City of Galveston obtained the services of Atkins North America in the spring and summer of 2014 to perform a wading depth and depth of closure survey of the beachfront along Galveston Island. This data can be used to understand the natural processes by which changes occur to the beaches of Galveston Island, and can assist with identifying engineering and planning solutions along the island beachfront. Additionally, this information can assist with characterizing the beach conditions for potential FEMA assistance after storm events. Files are provided in zipped (.zip; .kmz) archives. The extracted files are in ArcGIS Shapefile (.shp) or Google Earth Keyhole Markup Language (.kml) format respectively.
For map and original location see: http://www.cityofgalveston.org/558/Beach-Survey


beach surveys, Galveston, Texas, Texas