Intensive survey of Clear Creek and Clear Creek Tidal segment nos. 1102 and 1101.




Kirkpatrick, J.S.

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Texas Department of Water Resources


This survey was to be used as a valid information source for the Texas Department of Water Resources to aid in determination of quantitative cause and effect relationships of water quality, to obtain data for updating water quality management plans, setting effluent limits and to verify classifications of segments. It was also to be used to set priorities for establishing or improving pollution controls to determine additional water quality management actions. It was found that violations of dissolved oxygen standards at numerous stations occurred during the study period. Fecal coliform conccentrations were too numerous to count with the City of Houston's Gulf Meadows Plant haing the highest density of any wastewater discharge within the segments. Organic substances and nitrogen levels were slightly higher, and inorganic nitrogen and ortho phosphorus level 3 times higher, in Segment 1102 than in Segment 1101. Wastewater chemical analyses showed that the greatest organic, suspended solids, and phosphorus loadings originated at the League City's Plant #1.


27 p.


hydrology, field measurements, water chemistry, bacteria, dissolved oxygen (DO)