Broadening horizons in Galveston's heavy traffic




Snieckus D

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Prudently anticipating leaner commercial times ahead for the global seismics business, Fugro-Geoteam in Norway has been working flat out to establish coverage of a range of further-flung niche markets. Last month it wrapped up a 4500 line km 2D multi-client survey of the Outer Galveston Bay area in the US Gulf of Mexico. The seismic specialist made use of the amplitude-versus-offset (AVO) technique to shoot the long-offset 2D programme with the aim of producing a clearer picture than has been possible before of the shale and sand strata that underlies the bay. The Geo Arctic, a conventional 2D ship conversion now upgraded with a 9km streamer to handle more complex geological mapping, was deployed for the job




ASW,USA,Texas,Galveston Bay, Galveston Bay, mapping, O 6030 Oil and Gas Resources, Oil and gas exploration, Q2 02270 Seismology, Seismic reflection profiling, Signal processing