Coastal marsh productivity: a bibliography.

Gulf South Research Institute.
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U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The coastal marshes of the United States are viewed herein as an ecosystem, even though many of the articles listed in this bibliography are specific to only a narrow aspect of the ecosystem. The value of the marshes is shown in many ways: habitat for wildlife species, producer of nutrients, nursery areas, and protected rearing areas for juveniles. The report consists of an intoduction and a bibliography containing five major sections: Marshes and Marsh Vegetation; Primary Productivity of Marsh Plants; Detritus in the Food Chain; Marsh Estuaries as Fish Havens; and Marshes as Habitat and Feeding Grounds for Wildlife. Each of the major sections is divided into subsections that fall into a logical pattern so that a reader may work his way progressively through the materials, seeing a story unfold.

300 p.
salt marshes, ecosystems, primary production, bibliographies, vegetation cover, estuaries, marshes, detritus, nutrients, juveniles, nursery grounds