Studies of the effects of alterations of freshwater inflows into Matagorda Bay Area, Texas. Phase 3 - Final report.




Wiersema, J.M.
Armstrong, N.E.
Ward, G.H., Jr.

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Espey, Huston & Associates, Incorporated


In 1978, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service initiated a major study of Matagorda Bay to be carried out in four phases. Phase 1 presented a syntheses of an immense amount of information concerning the bay, as well as preliminary analyses of the hydrographic and biological behavior of the system. Major deficiencies in the information data base were apparent that would limit or erode the ability to predict the responses of the biological resources of the bay to various man-made perturbations were detailed in phase 2 of the project, and prioritized according to their importance. Phase 3 addresses those elements of information deficiency of highest priority. The activities performed during phase 3 range from additional hydrographic studies including extended application and verification of numerical models of circulation processes and salinity intrusion to detailed biological and biochemical field measurements throughout the bay system. Phase 4 is the final technical phase of the study, and will be based upon the combined results of the preceding work. It will seek to develop an overall management plan for the bay.


218 pgs.


hydrology, inflow, chemistry, bays, water quality