Use of petroleum platforms by Texas recreational anglers

1994 1991 Nov 3
Stephan CD
Osburn HR
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The purpose of this study is to determine the use of petroleum platforms by Texas recreational anglers, in order to profile the importance of these structures to them. From 15 May 1984 through 14 May 1987, 61,008 private boat and 2,329 partyboat anglers were interviewed at boat access sites as part of an ongoing creel survey of Texas marine recreational anglers. Information gathered included number of anglers, trip length, trip location, landings, and whether any part of the trip was spent fishing at a platform. Preliminary analysis indicates approximately 18% of private boat and partyboat anglers fished at a platform during a portion of their trip. The recorded percentage of anglers who fished at platforms was highest in the Galveston Bay system for both private (19%) and partyboats (57%). The recorded percentage of offshore anglers who fished at platforms was highest off the San Antonio Bay system, for both private (72%) and partyboats (100%). These data were further analyzed to determine whether significant differences occurred between the proportion of anglers who fished at platforms for the following comparisons: year of the study, private boat anglers versus partyboat anglers, offshore anglers versus bay anglers, and bay anglers in different bay systems. The number of platforms present in each bay system and offshore area was compared to the proportion of anglers fishing at platforms in the respective areas to determine the effect of availability of platforms on usage. This information will be used by Texas fishery managers for planning artificial reef development under the direction of the Texas Artificial Reef Plan

analysis, ASW,USA,Texas, Development, fish, Fisheries, Fishery resources, Galveston Bay, habitat, Marine fish, O 5020 Fisheries and Fishery Biology, Oil and gas industry, petroleum, Planning, production platforms, Q1 01605 Sport fishing, Q5 01523 Conservation,wildlife management and recreation, recreation, sport fishing, Texas, USA