Water resources data for Texas, water year 1997. Volume 2: San Jacinto River Basin, Brazos River Basin, San Bernard River Basin, and intervening coastal basins




Gandara, S.C., W.J. Gibbons, F.L. Andrews, R.E. Jones, and D.L. Barbie

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U.S. Department of the Interior, Geological Survey


This edition is one of a series of annual reports by the Water Resources Division of the U.S. Geological Survey on groundwater in Texas. This report contains records for water discharge at 73 gauging stations; stage only at 7 gauging stations; stage and contents at 21 lakes and reservoirs; and water quality at 41 gauging stations. Also included are data for 46 partial-record stations comprised of 20 flood-hydrograph, 10 low-flow, and 16 crest-stage stations. Additional water data were collected at various sites, not part of the systematic data-collection program, and are published as miscellaneous measurements. Included is an explanation of station identification, data collection, and computation methods used.


323 pgs.


hydrological data, water quality, water levels, water chemistry, river discharge, flood control, groundwater