Nourishment of San Luis Beach, Galveston Island, Texas: an assessment of the impact.

Giardino, J.R.
Bednarz, R.S.
Bryant, J.T.
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American Society of Civil Engineers

The Galveston Island shoreline has been retreating for a number of years. The cause of the shoreline retreat is a result of both geomorphic processes and human interaction with the environment. Following the construction of the Seawall along the Gulf side of Galveston Island, the beach in front of the Seawall began to disappear. In an effort to maintain the beach and to protect the toe of the Seawall, thirteen groins were constructed along the eastern portion of the wall, and revetments consisting of large granite blocks were placed at the Seawall's base. Although these actions protect the toe of the Seawall to some extent, the beach remained narrow and this limited its recreational use. One proposal to combat shoreline retreat and protect the foot of the Galveston Seawall is to build a wide beach by nourishing the entire beach in front of the Seawall.

p. 1145-1157
sediments, coastal erosion, geomorphology, beaches