A technical report on preliminary designs of improvements at Rollover Pass and vicinity -- Bolivar Peninsula, Texas.

Wang, Y.H.
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Texas A&M University at Galveston, Department of Maritime Systems Engineering.

This design project, inspired and initiated by Dr. Y.H. Wang of the Maritime Systems Engineering (MASE) Department, Texas A&M University at Galveston, proposes some engineering alternatives to solve the excessive erosion in the vacinity of the man-made cut in Bolivar Peninsula called Rollover Fish Pass and to revitalize the now sediment choked Rollover Bay for the benefit of local residents on Bolivar Peninsula in particular and the well being of Texas coastline in general. The design class takes an integrated system approach. The comprehensive plan involves using the sands deposited in Rollover Bay in two ways. First, Rollover Bay would be dredged to a depth such that a marshland could be introduced. The sands thus recoverd could then be used to restore and nourish the beaches where severe erosion threatens public and private property. Second, a pair of jetties to control the future movement of littoral material into the marshlands would be constructed. Finally, an environmental assessment of all these proposed changes is made.

157 p.
water levels, wave action, erosion control, dredging, nearshore sedimentation, coastal erosion, coasts, dunes, water currents, circulation, weather, hydrology