Proposal for Environmental Impact Assessment Study for Atlantic Richfield Company Texas Gulf Coast Petrochemical Project

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dc.contributor.authorDames & Mooreen_US 15, 1977en_US
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dc.description.abstractDames & Moore is pleased to present this proposal to conduct an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and provide related studies and services for the Atlantic Richfield Company's proposed petrochemical project. The proposal is designed to respond to your Request for Proposal dated February 9, 1977. We understand that Atlantic Richfield Company and DuPont, in joint venture as Centennial Hydrocarbons, intends to construct a petrochemical complex on the Texas Gulf Coast between Bayport and Seadrift and within 20 miles of the intracoastal canal. (This proposal, howeve, is submitted to Atlantic Richfield Company as the company responsible for contracting for the EIA, as instructed in yoru RFP. Subsequent references to the Company will thus refer to the Atlantic Richfield Company or ARCO.) As described on Page 2 of your RFP, the complex will include ethylene and aromatics production facilties, a feed preparation unit, supportive utility systems, pipelines, barge facilities, and environmental control facilities. The EIA would be based on this project scope. The studies for which you have requested proposals will culminate in an EIA document following National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) guidelines for impact assessment. Also, information obtained on baseline conditions and resources at the selected site will be used in support of the applications for various permits required by federal and state agencies, most notably, EPA Region VI, Texas Air Control Board, and Texas Water Quality Board. It will be critically important that ARCO's EIA consultant is experienced not only in EIA/EIS preparation, but also in providing services related to permitting processes and public hearings. Dames & Moore is highly qualified to provide the EIA consulting services ARCO will require for successful project completion. The firm has prepared over 100 environmental assessments in response to NEPA and has prior extensive experience with all phases of petrochemical processing and with Texas Gulf Coast ecological systems. This experience has provided our personnel with knowledge and expertise that are directly applicable to your proposed petrochemical project. The following sections of this proposal describe the proposed scope of work and our approach to it, as well as our project organization, schedule and work plan, experience, estimated coasts, and personnel.en_US
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dc.titleProposal for Environmental Impact Assessment Study for Atlantic Richfield Company Texas Gulf Coast Petrochemical Projecten_US