Public Hearing Transcripts. Spoil and Mitigation. Volume 2-summary.




Texas Coastal and Marine Council.

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Texas Coastal and Marine Council


Chairman Schwartz opened the meeting with a roll call of each member. Dr. Turco reported briefly on the August 6th joint hearing of the Committee on Mariculture and Agriculture.... Stacey Bender, representing the Proppeller Club of the U.S. Port of Galveston spoke about Texas' total waterborne commerce. Colonel Jon C. Vanden Bosch, District Engineer, Galveston District, Corps of Engineers reported on projects the Corps of Engineers were engaged in. He also discussed the policy of the Corps of Engineers to plan all of its projects so that all necessary and justifiable features are incorporated. George Altvater, representing Texas Ports Association as Executive Director, Port of Houston Authority, Dr. Alfred C. Fox, Chief, Division of Ecological Services, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Washington, D.C., and many other distinguished speakers all discussed the dredging operations in the area and the Gulf Intracoastal Water Way System.


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dredging, dredge spoil, waste disposal, ship canals