Suspended sediment load of Texas streams: compilation report, October 1965-September 1971.




Mirabal, J.

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Texas Water Development Board.


This report covers the 1966 through 1971 water years, and is a supplement to Texas Water Development Board Reports 106 and 45, Texas Water Commission Bulletin 6410, and Texas Board of Water Engineers Bulletin 6108. These prior publication presented the results of suspended-sediment-load measurements at permanent observation points from the beginning of record through the 1965 water year. (A water year extends from October 1 through the following September 30, and is identified by the year in which it ends.) No reconnaissance type determinations of short-period record or intermittent record are compiled. This report was prepared under the general direction of C.R. Baskin, Principal Engineer-Data and Technical Review and under special direction of E.W. Rowland, Director, Special Services Division. Assistance in checking tabulations in the report was provided by John P. Dougherty, Hydrography Branch Chief, Special Services Division and Glen W. Bishop, Engineering Technician, Hydrography Branch, Special Services Division. Computations of reservoir capacity-to-inflow ratios for the four reservoirs sediment records included in this report were prepared by the author under the direction of H.M. Cook, Assistant Director, Special Services Division.


119 pages


sediments, sediment-water interface, sediment transport, sediment movement, sediment load, streams, rivers