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This video describes the eleven different eco regions of the state of Texas. The Piney Woods history and heritage of the Caddo settlement from the view of the people are discussed as well as the endangered species that inhabit the land. The Oak Woods and Prairies and the Blackland Prairies are wildlife regiments, meaning it is managed for wildlife not humans. The historical site for the area are discussed as well. The Gulf prairies and marshes are discussed as far as endangered species to state parks in the area. The impact of urban development and its direct effect on the endangerment of the prairie dog, a small plant located in the Gulf prairies and marshes. The history of the South Texas brush country is described from the church to the settlement of the area. The Edwards plateau and the Llano uplift and their amazing geological features are discussed. The movie then moves on to describe the Trans Pecos area and the desert environment along with the species that inhabit it.


1 videocassette (68 min.)


endangered species, historical account, description, travel, piney woods, oak wood, oak prairies, blackland prairies, gulf coast prairies, gulf coast marshes, coastal sand plains, south texas brush country, edwards plateau, llano uplift, rolling plains, high plains, trans pecos