Hydrographic and Climatological Survey of Area M-7 - Biological Survey of Area M-7


Information obtained on hydrographic and climatological conditions in Area M-7 reveals that there was a close correlation between rainfall and salinity. Two main peaks of rainfall occurred during the study period. One was in October with 10.66 inches, and the other one was in December with 7.89 inches. These peaks in rainfall during October and December caused salinities to drop suddenly at several stations in the area. The sudden decrease in salinity was severe enough to cause several oyster reefs in Area M-7 to suffer total mortality. Nueces Bay and the west shore of Corpus Christi Bay exhibited the lowest salinities during periods of heavy runoff. There was a close correlation between average air and average water temperature by month. Temperature averages reached their lowest point in January and their highest in July.


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Corpus Christi Bay, Nueces Bay, salinity, climatology, hydrography, water quality data